Clemente Porras is a hair Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur based in Salem, Oregon. Inspiring others as he himself
 was early on is the driving force behind his many ventures.

Clemente cites two things when explaining what initially drew him into hairstyling: his sisters and bad haircuts.
Having two older sisters and one younger sister, Clemente admits that they undoubtedly exposed him early on to what would ultimately become his career and passion. This, along with less-than-flattering haircuts throughout his schooling years which he can fondly reflect on now also drove him into hairstyling.

His beginning was small – cutting friend’s hair at first but enough to nurture his drive further. This drive, which was fully supported by his family, ultimately became the impetus for Clemente being certified as a hair expert. A deft technique combined with an appreciable drive for perfection allowed Clemente to open his own business, Lush Hair Cocktails, at the age of 24.

Clemente’s propensity for artistry and craft allow him to transform people and make them look, and consequently, feel beautiful. He is always challenging himself to do better and welcomes others to set the bar even higher – only to later strive for the top level himself once again. Along with his competitive spirit, Clemente also enjoys sharing his passion for hair styling through outreach and education throughout the country while harboring international aspirations. This all fully supported by his girlfriend, an act gratefully acknowledged by Clemente.

The strong juxtaposition of the ephemeral and esoteric creative process coupled with a strong drive for excellence in technique and sharing his work with others is what sets him apart. Clemente likes to break rules while maintaining class.
Not an easy task but one in which he unquestionably excels in.
If you are looking for a young talented hairdresser who will not let you have outdated hair Clemente is the one.