Are you salon ready? Are you in school or just graduated school. I know it can be very intimidating as you go into the salon. Focusing on the basics and fundamentals of technique, this class is ideal for new students or stylist’s looking to fresh-in up their cutting knowledge. Covering everything from consultations, suitability, foundation, speed, thinning and adding texture. Along with how to make money behind the chair, advertising, how to find clients and models.


• Demonstrations
• Practical cut sessions on Mannequins
• Lines, graduation and layering techniques
• Blow-dry techniques
• Posture for a long lasting career
• Fundamentals of cutting hair lecture
• Correct use of products & tools
• Consultation and communication with clients

Experience level:  In school to 2 years max. Barbers looking to expand.

2 day course $tbd – 3 day course $tbd

Class is limited to 6 students per session for a better experience. 1 on 1 Classes available.